What causes stress?

A cave man would say “that’s when I’m  face to face with an hungry  bear or a mammoth and I left the spear at home”.

Today stress is mainly chronic, and as threatening as a  talk with the boss, a TV dinner with an irritated  mate, a queue at the bank teller, a shove in a crowded subway, or an Internet connection gone slow.

The perception of the event, not the event itself, creates the stress.

Make a list of the stressors. Rate your alertness and response. Gain some perspective by placing them in the context of how ‘threatening’ they truly are, your perception of them, compared to being faced with a clear and immediate danger (e.g., getting caught in an accident)

Author: Pascale Aline

Psychotherapist & Performance Coach, I specialize working with tools for self enhancement, growth, productivity and healing (Biofeedback, EMDR, Mindfulness training)

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