About Pascale


“Pascale is a French-born, English and French speaking counseling therapist and professional coach. She is a long-term resident of Hong Kong. She has practiced counseling psychology and coaching in Hong Kong and the United States since 2008. ”

I am a seasoned, third-cultured expatriate who has lived in the Asia-Pacific and North American regions for over 25 years. I have vast experience in most international and relocation issues, and offer counseling and coaching services to clients from various walks of life.  I specialize in issues of trauma, acute stress and burnout, workplace and interpersonal conflict,  life transition issues & domestic relations, such as divorce, separation and sexuality.

My journey  in counseling psychology has led me to work in various settings , including  private practice in Hong Kong and the USA,  corporate offices, trauma/PTSD units, the jails and court system,  and behavioral rehabilitation centers.

I studied EMDR under Dr. John Hartung, PsyD., one of the founders and early program coordinators at the EMDR International Association (USA). I also trained in a Mindfulness program, MBB, under the supervision of Dr. Stanley Block, MD,  its originator.

I was a competitive athlete most of my youth, and I have a life-long interest in matters of sports performance and wellness. I am a certified yoga therapist, and I spend my spare time on outrigger canoes, or white water rafting and kayaking, climbing rock faces, and  more generally, enjoying the outdoors with my two teenage Eurasian children.

I am a member of the APA,  American Psychological Association, and my  practice adheres to the APA,  and ICF codes of conduct.

All meetings and discussions are confidential, and conducted in a safe space where clients can freely express their concerns.
Please contact Pascale  directly to discuss your concerns and receive a no-obligation, confidential assessment.

Qualifications & Training:

Doctoral candidate, PhD Psychology – final year, Grand Canyon University, AZ
Grad Dip & MA Counseling – Monash University, Australia
BA Geography & Mathematics – University of New England, Australia
Registered Psychotherapist, State of Colorado,  NLC 14116
Advocate/Investigator, registered with the State of Colorado Courts, 4th, 10th and 11th judicial districts
EMDR clinician (Registered EMDRIA)
Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) practitioner, CMBBP –  Utah, USA
Coach / NLP Coach (Founding Member HK ICF)
Hypnotherapist (Registered ABH/NLP)

Area of specialisation and studies:

As a Doctoral candidate, I specialise in traumatic stress recovery and issues of incivility, abuse, violence and assault in work or domestic situations.

Contact Pascale: (ce service est aussi disponible en français)

e: pascale@clearmind.today
skype: pascale.aline